Opened by Luciano and Manuela Bracali in 1983, it is now run by the Bracali brothers Francesco and Luca.

The restaurant is located in the hamlet of Ghirlanda, just outside Massa Marittima, about 50km north of Grosseto in the heart of the Colline Metallifere (Italian: [kolˈliːne metalˈliːfere], “Metal-bearing Hills”).

Francesco’s cuisine – based on concepts such as lightness, appeal and balance – is for many fans (just to quote one of them): “For him, the ideal line to connect two points is not the straight one but the doodle. He can obviously make simple things – or things that appear to be simple – but it is clear that he is most motivated by elaborated dishes, those built by playing on many ingredients.”

Luca, Francesco’s brother, takes care of the restaurant wine cellar and of the hospitality, always keeping in mind that the Restaurant is a place of wellness where the guest must be at the center of everything.



Ancient gastronomic tradition

The Alta Maremma, a corner of Tuscany with a charm all of its own.

The Colline Metallifere are a predominantly hilly area extremely rich in mineral resources in the subsoil. Already in Etruscan times the Colline Metallifere were considered and exploited for iron ore deposits. The mining activity relentlessly continued up to the early ‘90’s. A varied network of cableways with many rail links was developed to service these mines and the Bracali small store was born just in front of one of these links. Later and over the years Luca and Francesco transformed it into the current company.



Constantly evolving original style.

Among the many creative methods, the inspiration is the easiest to understand but the hardest to explain. The ideas and references for the creation of a dish can come from any field such as art, fashion industry, culinary arts, architecture, nature and so on.
This very basis is then re-elaborated and combined with the knowledge of raw materials, technique and imagination giving life to a path made up of taste, aesthetics and combinations.

This is the creative path that represents and distinguishes Francesco Bracali.


Style without substance is of little value…